Campers Paradise

Luxury Camping Indeed , even in an industry such as camping , there are those of us who prefer the finer things in life hence Luxury camping. Its basically a package offered to a Camper /Client who wants more than just a tent to crash in. a typical Luxury Tent setup with us would include …

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New Look – 2014- 2015

New Office & Cottages In trying to meet our clients needs and great demand for accommodation in Diani Beach , Diani Campsite has added more Houses/Suits  with modern beautiful and comfortable setup. a two storey Building  cottages and offices is therefore added, giving you a view and desired environment you need for your stay in Kenya. Diani …

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Excursion – Water sports – Quest Kiteboarding

                                  Over the years Diani Campsite has proven to be a great spot for backpackers,volunteer groups,drifters and overlanders, this is mainly due to our ideal location along the beach strip and easy access to all social amenities one may …

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WIFI- Internet Connectivity

Wifi- Internet Availability The Campsite`s accommodation ranges from three,two and one bedroom cottages to tents for Camping.There is an active bar and restaurant  on the grounds that serves breakfast to dinner and is open from eight a.m to eleven p.m.Also available is a Broadband wireless internet connection at a fee of Kshs 500 per day ( for …

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Swimming Pool

Diani Campsite  – Swimming Pool Diani Campsite is fully equipped with a modern swimming pool , in  a quiet ,friendly and private wing of the cottage. Our guest  who feel like staying in the compound  will enjoy the available pool or  if they choose , can walk down to the beach for a swim in …

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  Location Diani Campsite & Cottages Located 2 KM from Diani Nakumat  opposite Diani Beach Post office –  On the Beach side. At the road Junction to Ukunda Airstrip, there is a sign post . " Diani Campste"  –  

Campsite – Conservation


Conservation and eco friendly environment is our strength. Diani Beach is known for its rare species of Colobus Monkeys and other types of monkeys,a  free attraction at the Campsite. We are often visited by several families of colobus  monkeys,ready to spice your presence.  with beautiful beautiful black & white complexion.